Food delivery in Dushanbe from Restaurant Pomir Labirint

Kazan kebab

27 ЅМ

Kazan kebab from the Restaurant “Pomir Labirint” with delivery.


Kazan kebab made from lamb and beef is prepared from delicious pieces of meat fried with potatoes.

Kazan kebab made from lamb and beef is a delicious Tajik dish, which is prepared from carefully selected pieces of meat. The lamb is fried with potatoes, resulting in a fragrant, satisfying and juicy result. Every fan of oriental cuisine will be able to enjoy the rich taste of meat, which is ideally combined with a vegetable addition. When serving, the dish is complemented with onion rings, herbs and other vegetables. This makes the cauldron kebab even more delicious and aromatic. The meat has a delicate structure that allows you to enjoy its taste to the fullest.