Food delivery in Dushanbe from Restaurant Pomir Labirint

Salad to order

17 ЅМ

Salad to order from the Restaurant “Pomir Labirint” with delivery.


Salads to order will decorate the festive table, diversify the menu of a business lunch or family dinner, and help the hostess save a lot of time.

The cooks of the Pomir Labyrinth restaurant prepare about 30 varieties of salads. Anyone can find here what they like. Vegetable lovers will love the vinaigrette, beets with nuts and the always popular Olivier. Mushroom connoisseurs are advised to try “Dream”, “Valencia”, potato-mushroom salad or “Huntsman”. Those who prefer salads with meat should pay attention to Stolichny, Smuglyanka, Elite, Pomegranate Bracelet, salad with pineapple, Caesar, Gracio.